GFFI Fitness Academy
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Yoga Trainer

Mind, Body, Soul

Pilates Trainer

Body Balance, Stamina, Strength

Personal Fitness Trainer

BMX Strength, Power, Body Posture

Aerobic / Group Trainer

Endurance, Body Conditioning, Rhythm

Sports Nutritionist

Nutrition, Supplement, Recovery

High Intensity Training

Fitness, Intensity, Challenge

Core Blast

Ripped, Balance, Health

GFFI Fitness Academy is the First recognized academy for certification and continuing education in India. GFFI provides courses such Personal Trainer / Gym Instructor, Yoga Teacher, Pilates Instructor, Aerobic / Group Instructor, Senior Fitness Coach, Sports Nutrition, Advance Fitness Trainer, etc.


Upcoming Courses & Workshops:

*There is no trial Class for any of the course before regestration

Certified Trainer Courses:
Aerobic Trainer / Group Trainer Course: Delhi ask for seats
Personal Trainer / Gym Trainer Course Delhi ask for seats
Yoga Teacher Course: Delhi ask for seats
Pilates Instructor Course Delhi ask for seats
Martial Art Instructor Delhi ask for seats


Workshops: Amount
STRENGTHASANA (a workshop on extreme yoga stretches) 10030.00 INR 21st July  2018
STRAGILITY (a workshop on functional training.) 10030.00 INR 21st July 2018
Side Effects of Steroids and Herbalism 22,000.00 INR 4th August 2018
KICK BOXING 10030.00 INR 4th August 2018
CORBLAST (a workshop on extreme abdominal workout) 10030.00 INR 7th July 2018
SPIN BIKE 10030.00 INR 7th July 2018


  • 20FEB


    Avocado- Benefits and Recipes

    Avocado- Benefits and Recipes For those who don’t what these orange- yellow berries in the shape of a pear; it is a tree’s fruit which is a large berry as per botany with a single seed. Avocado is the only fruit that offers 20 different vitamins and minerals with a lot of good moo saturated

  • 05JAN


    Milky Way – Cow/Buffalo milk- whole milk or skim milk

    Milky Way – Cow/Buffalo milk- whole milk or skim milk

    Milky Way Cow/Buffalo milk- whole milk or skim milk? soy milk, almond milk, coconut milk, rice milk Cow/Buffalo milk, whole milk, Skim milk, Soy milk, Almond milk, coconut or Rice milk- it is difficult and confusing at the same time to decide the right type of milk from an individual to individual. Well, that was