GFFI Fitness Academy
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Yoga Trainer

Mind, Body, Soul

Pilates Trainer

Body Balance, Stamina, Strength

Personal Fitness Trainer

BMX Strength, Power, Body Posture

Aerobic / Group Trainer

Endurance, Body Conditioning, Rhythm

Sports Nutritionist

Nutrition, Supplement, Recovery

High Intensity Training

Fitness, Intensity, Challenge

Core Blast

Ripped, Balance, Health

GFFI Fitness Academy is the First recognized academy for certification and continuing education in India. GFFI provides courses such Personal Trainer / Gym Instructor, Yoga Teacher, Pilates Instructor, Aerobic / Group Instructor, Senior Fitness Coach, Sports Nutrition, Advance Fitness Trainer, etc.


Upcoming Courses & Workshops:

Certified Trainer Courses:
Aerobic Trainer / Group Trainer Course: Delhi 15th, November, 2014
Personal Trainer / Gym Trainer Course Delhi 7th, November, 2014
Yoga Teacher Course: Delhi 22nd, November, 2014
Pilates Instructor Course Delhi 29th, November, 2014
Martial Art Instructor Delhi 6th December, 2014
Workshops: Amount
Power Yoga 7500.00 INR 22-11-2014
BMX Cross Fit / HIT n FIT 8500.00 INR 29-11-2014
SteelFlexx 7500.00 INR 06-12-2014
Kick Boxing 7200.00 INR 20-12-2014
Core Blast 7500.00 INR 20-12-2014
Kick Combat 8000.00 INR 27-12-2014