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  • Joints in human body

    Joints A joint, or articulation, is the place where two bones come together. There are three types of joints classified by the amount of movement they allow: immovable, slightly movable, and freely movable. Immovable joints are synarthroses. In this type of joint, the bones are in very close contact and are separated only by a

  • Divisions of the Skeleton

    Divisions of the Skeleton The human skeleton is divided into two distinct parts: The axial skeleton consists of bones that form the axis of the body and support and protect the organs of the head, neck, and trunk. The Skull The Sternum The Ribs The Vertebral Column The appendicular skeleton is composed of bones that

  • Causes of Belly Fat accumulation

    Causes of Belly Fat accumulation

    Causes of Belly Fat accumulation? Major causes of belly fat are genetics, slow metabolism, improper digestion, stress, menopause, and excess or bad eating. Genetics: There are two body types, pear body shapes (fat accumulation is in the lower parts of the body). In apple shaped body, fat is stored in the abdomen and middle portion