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  • Why Exercise for People with disabilities?

    Why Exercise for People with disabilities? People with disabilities resulting from congenital disorders or sudden trauma share the need for physical fitness to avoid the downward spiral or the sedentary lifestyle. A chronic disability may limit work and social, athletic and recreational opportunities. When continually confronted with impediments to exercise, people with disabilities may which

  • Sports Drinks

    Tip: Sports Drinks – the healthy way Gatorade is thirst-aid! Many people prefer sports drinks to water because they taste better and it´s easier to drink them more often in a sports nutrition diet. If the sports drink contains a small amount of carbohydrate, sodium, and potassium, the drink will effectively hydrate the person. The



    BE WELL-PREPARED Wednesday, 29 January 2014 | NEERAJ MEHTA The Pioneer Class X and XII Board exams are a month away and for most students the stress and anxiety levels are running high. So they need to break the monotony and sedentary style of study. NEERAJ MEHTA says that following an exercise regime, eating a healthy diet,