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  • Kick boxing for fitness

    Kick boxing for fitness

    “Kick Boxing is the most intense and fun workout for Fitness and as a sport” says Neeraj Mehta (A Qualified Professional in Martial Arts and Director of GFFI Fitness Academy). Kick Boxing is a relatively modern martial arts system, drived by combining several fighting technique from a variety of the more traditional disciplines, including kyokky

  • Vitamins and minerals for skin:

    Vitamins and minerals naturally found in food to improve skin: Vitamin A Major dietary sources of vitamin A include liver, egg yolk, fortified milk, cream and cheese. Major dietary sources of beta carotene include dark green leafy vegetables, deep orange or yellow fruits and vegetables, and fortified cereals. Helps in the formation and maintenance of

  • Green Tea Benefits

    Green Tea Claimed Benefits: * Reduces high blood pressure. Drinking green tea represses angiotensin II which leads to high blood pressure. * Lowers blood sugar. Green tea polyphenols and polysaccharides are effective in lowering blood sugar. * Fights cancer. There have been many studies that have shown that green tea catechins are effective at preventing