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  • 5 sensual yoga asanas to increase sex drive

    5 sensual yoga asanas to increase sex drive

    5 sensual yoga asanas to increase sex drive

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    It is not just a celebrity fad to achieve a svelte figure. “Yoga is a holistic approach of maintaining overall health and it does improve your sexual power. It is proven to improve your libido as it stimulates your reproductive system and strengthens the pelvic floor muscles (muscles which contracts during sexual act ),” says Neeraj Mehta, an international fitness expert and director, GFFI Fitness Academy, Delhi. According to him, an intense practice to strengthen these muscles with breathing pattern (Pranayam) may lead to orgasmic effect while still on yoga mat.

    Another benefit you’ll experience by practicing yoga is the increased energy levels. It helps you feel alive, sensual and gives you the boost you need to push yourself further. And don’t forget, yoga also allows you to get a bit more intimate. Yes! Practicing yoga will make your body more flexible, thereby letting you experiment on and off the bed!

    So hold on to your horses, or not and practice these simple yet sensual yoga asanas to achieve the best orgasm you’ve ever had!

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