GFFI Fitness Academy


To increase individual fitness goals and knowledge of fitness instructors, The Growth for Fitness Instructors (GFFI) Fitness training Institute was founded on Jan 22, 2002 by Meenakshi Mahendroo, and Neeraj Mehta, who believed back then that it was as important to try to prevent disease by doing regular physical activities as it was to treat disease & the most important factor to change the current health crises are increased activity, weight training, aerobic conditioning, flexibility and proper nutrition. This is only one of its type of organization in India, where more than 300 fitness freaks throughout India are working under this to aware general public for  health and fitness, facts and myths.


GFFI Fitness Academy is committed to providing fitness information to both fitness professionals and fitness enthusiastic and also committed to provide education to their instructors with international standards with all ethics and security measure of the clients.

About Us

Neeraj Mehta is Director and Secretary of GFFI Fitness Academy. He is  M.Phill in Physical Education from D.U. and Phd. in Human Biomechanics. He is also PhD in Alternative Medicine from IBAM. He is renowned as a body balancing (by posture) specialist capable of getting his clients into their best ever shape in the quickest possible time. He has over 35 years experience in different fitness conditioning fields like, karate, taekwondo, kickboxing, functional training, Yoga, Cross Training, Strength Training  and so on. A competitive strength and physique athlete, Neeraj has amassed over 100,000 hours of practical experience in coaching athletic excellence, general clients and therapies for injury rehabilitations  , and is committed to the science of exercise training and analytically sound nutritional planning. He is the Director of “Fitness Alive “.

Work Area:

Pioneer is in the R&D of Exercise science, and yoga therapy for special population (The persons with diabetes, arthritis, thyroid, pregnant women and senior citizens etc), GFFI (India) is into the manufacturing of Herbal medicines. It’s acclaimed fitness courses not only address all these areas but it is designed to prepare you for rewarding fitness professional career, who want to help others feel better, look better and improve the quality of their lives. GFFI will not only provide you with the fitness education and training program but for your better future in fitness industry, it will suggest the employment opportunities to GFFI Certified Professionals and our staff takes pride on helping you fulfill your dreams for becoming a top Fitness professional in your diploma field and helps you to establish your business.

Affiliation and Registration:

GFFI is the only accreadiated body in India from America Sports and Nutrition Association (ASNI). GFFI is also have an affiliation of renowned institutions / associations such as,  Bureau of Fitness Standards, Aerobic-sports Association, Sports Association of India to provide continuing education for fitness Professionals, Indian Arm wrestling Federation  that is affiliated to World Arm Wrestling Federation, Indian Karate Federation that is affiliated to International Tais Karate Federation and also registered with Maya-Clinic and American Senior Fitness Association (ASFA).