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Advance Personal / Sports Trainer Certification

Advance Personal Trainer Certification Course is the course which gives you to discover drills of modern training for ultimate athletic development. Topic Include developing the Sports Performance foundation and athletic training program, and also discover how the body works under the stresses of all types of Physical activity / exercise to learn self – mystery. This Diploma Course is taught over a 4 months period. This course is offered in conjunction with Growth for Fitness Instruction Fitness Academy and is a great preparations for the GFFI fitness certification courses. A total of 40 hours of theory and practical classes is for regular course is will be given in the academy.

                           Minimum Suggested Prerequisites:

·         Required age for this diploma / certification course is 18 years is and just the high school diploma or equivalent.
·         Personal trainer / Fitness trainer certification or equivalent from a nationally recognized organization is necessary.
·         CPR is not required for this diploma course but may be require by employer or to obtain liability insurance.
·         Basic understanding of human body, strength training, flexibility and you should familiar with resistance training equipment.

                      Topic covered in This Certification Course:

     • Developing the Sport Performance Foundation. – flexibility performance how to increase explosive power agility and coordination, lighting quickness and speed etc.

• Incorporating Sport-Specific Skills into Conditioning Designing Periodized        Training Programs.

• Restoring Performance After Injury.

• Mobility and Stability.

• Strength And Endurance.

• High-Performance Sports Programs.

• Client case study and exercise prescription.

• Modern Training drills for athletic development for different sports.

• Aerobic and Anaerobic sprint and interval training.

• Rest periods.

• All Advanced training strategies and much more…

For this Diploma study course you will get:

  •  1 GFFI Advance Fitness Trainer Manual

  •  1 Book of sports drills

  •  2 Videos

  •  1 C.D.         

GFFI Distance Learning ( Home Study ) Certification ProgramsOffer a viable alternative and carry the same valuable content and learning experience as an on site certification and seminars. GFFI Distance learning certification education program cover all the same topics as certification workshops in an easy to follow home-study correspondence format.

Certified Advance Personal Trainer  Home Study Diploma / Certification Includes:
• There is no traveling is necessary, the exam is base on all material you receive.

• All the material and examination are send you at the same time.

• After successfully completing the practical and theory exam you will get a certificate and ID card.

• Feel free to call GFFI technical support line or email GFFI any time you have a question while completing certification exam.

• GFFI doesn’t distinguish between home study verses in person certificate as both program are equally evaluated.

• The fees written below of the course is inclusive of all the course material and examination, and there is no extra or hidden cost will be added.

All the prices including GST*

Fees for Regular Course  Rs 28010 ( India )    (for one) *
Fees for Home Study Course  $ 350 /-( International ) / Rs 21640 ( India )          (for one) *
(*) Fees for Shared Home StudyCourse  $ 630- ( International ) / Rs 37150 ( India )    (for two) *


(*) Shared Online Course will be divided into two persons. whereas, study material will be send to them on the same mailing address.

Note: All the certificates awarded by GFFI Fitness Academy has two years of validity, after that one need to renew the certificate, call at 9810111018 for information.

Approximate Completion Time For the home-study Course:

  • Up to 4 months to complete the certification course. You can take the extension for 1 month for his you have to give us a proper request letter before completion of 4 months.

  • Your order is processed within 72 hours, after receiving the full fee of the course. Please allow 12-15 days for Standard Delivery.

  • Normal courier (additional fee of Rs.800.00 for INDIA. 2-day delivery)

  • Fed Ex only (additional fee for International order , call +91-98113-09667 )

  • This is self-paced and self-study course and exam.

  • Submit your exam once you have complete the course.

  • Please allow up to 4-5 weeks for grading and marking and to receive your certificate.

  • 80% is required to pass your exam..

  • You will receive your results via email and\or fax within 5-6 days, followed by your mailed certificate and membership information within two week of receipt of your exam..

How to order:

Send us a Indian postal money order, demand draft or a corporate, institutional or personal check and the order form. Payment by check may delay your order. Checks must clear before we can send your merchandise. Please make checks and money order payable to GFFI Fitness Academy New Delhi, India.

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