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  • Anybody can exercise

    Anybody can exercise

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    Daily exercise is the key to a healthy body, mind and soul. It will make you feel better, and open up a whole new way of life for you. It has been proven that exercise is a form of preventive medicine.

    Today, virtually every form of medical science recognises these basic truths:

    Simple exercise can have profound healing effects.

    Specific “physical activities” can help fight illness and enhance health.

    It helps you improve your mood.

    It keeps your energy level up.

    Exercise is a holistic approach to maintain overall health.

    Being a fitness therapist, I have come across many people who think that they cannot exercise.

    They give me endless lists of reasons (I am not including “I don’t have time” — this is not a reason, just an excuse) and most of their reasons are pure myths.

    Myth 1 — My knee hurts

    People, especially seniors, fear that some exercises like squats or lunges will harm their knees.

    If your joints feel strained or pained after any sort of movement, that means you are not doing it right.

    Another fact is that squats are very effective in strengthening your knee joints, provided you do them right.

    Myth 2 — My blood pressure will go up if I walk on the treadmill

    Low impact cardio activities such as walking really have positive effects on your blood pressure.

    Walking on a regular basis will help you in regulating your blood pressure. Ask your doctor, I am sure you will get the same advice.

    Myth 3 — My child is too young to work out; it will interrupt his/her growth

    Children can start working out as early as they can start walking and handle their routine stuff.

    Involving them in a few physical activities will be one of the best habits you can inculcate in them.

    Quite contrary to the popular myth, exercising is really beneficial for growing children.

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