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  • Apples and Lungs Health

    Apples and Lungs Health

    Apples and Lungs Health

    Apples boost heart health, they are beneficial to lung functions. Apple consumption has been inversely linked with asthma and has also been positive assiciated with general pulmonary health
    An australian study found apple and pear intake to be associated with decreased risk of asthma, and a United Kingdom study found that apple intake, as well as selenium intake, was associated with less asthma in adults. In the latter study the clearest effect was in those consuming at least two apples per week.
    Another study showed that those who consumed five or more apples a week had a significantly greater forced expiratory volume (a measure of pulmonary function) compared with those who did not consume apples

    Suggested by:
    Neeraj Mehta
    (Fitness Professional and Nutritionist)

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