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  • Benefits of Mangoes

    Benefits of Mangoes

    Benefits of Mango by Neeraj Mehta

    Mango is one of the most famous fruit across the globe which is eaten with great liking by almost age groups. With more than 2000 varieties available, mangoes are grown in almost every part of the world but Indians have a special taste for them as we name it “King of fruits”.

    King Of Fruits-  

    If you look at the amount of nutrition value in the mango you will understand the reasons behind the status “King of Fruit”.

    • Mangoes are a power house of nutrients and have amazing medical benefits.

    • The fruit contains enzymes which are effective in regulating your digestive system hence enhances metabolic process.

    • Mangoes are effective in maintaining your heart health as it is a prevention cure for stroke.

    • It is also effective in preventing Breast Cancer and Leukemia.

    • Believe it or not mangoes can prevent Diabetes. Yes they contain sugar but that is natural sugar and the fruit is low on Glycemic load because of which eating mango does not affect your blood sugar level.

    • The fruit is a good source of antioxidants, High in fibers, Rich in Vitamin C.

    • It contains many healthy acids which helps in keeping the Alkaline level balanced.

    • Mangoes are in fact good for your skin and hair as well. It is considered as a very effective anti ageing treatment due to its antioxidant feature.


    Let’s talk about the nutritional value in mangoes.

    The Nutrition value in One cup (225 gms contain).  Percentages apply to daily value.

    • 105 calories

    • 76 % vitamin C

    • 25 % vitamin A

    • 11 % vitamin B6

    • 9 % healthy pro biotic fiber

    • 9 % copper

    • 7 % potassium.

    • 4 % magnesium.

    Overeating is not advised –

    The fruit itself is tempting enough due to its bright color and juicy, sugary pulp and now the benefits and nutrition is adding to the temptation. I would like you to hold on to that temptation as I am not done yet !!! Being a nutritionist it is my responsibility to make you aware of the adverse effects of overeating mangoes. Be careful there!!!

    • Mangoes are rich in calories as mangoes are high in carbs as well.

    • Overeating mangoes can add some more kilos to your weights.

    • It can also cause Diarrhea if eaten excessively.

    • Overeating can also increase your blood sugar level.

    For Diabetics and weight watchers–

    Don’t get confused. Let me explain. As I have mentioned earlier that mango (Ripe mangoes) are a good source of carbs. Carbohydrates actually contributes the most (as high as 20 per) to its calorie count. All you need to do is to manage the calories by substituting other carbs from your meals.

    The correct way to add this in your diet would be to combine the fruit with even low Glycemic foods such as pulses, vegetables, nuts, seeds etc.

    Since the Glycemic load of the fruits is low in comparison of potatoes and bananas so mangoes are actually safe to eat and would not affect your blood sugar level or weight if you could balance the calories and carbs.

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