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Fitness industry is said to be the upcoming booming industry in the market. This is a career that creates wealth and keeps you healthy… With people keen to lose weight and get in shape, fitness training is one of the fastest growing careers in the health and fitness industry today. Fitness is not only a lucrative career it can be termed as a sustainable business too. Careers in fitness industry include that of Athletic Trainer, Physical Therapist, Fitness Instructor/Trainer, Aerobics Trainer, Yoga Instructor, Group Classes Specialist  and so on. You can work as a freelancer as per your convenient time or you can join any health club/gym , either ways you are not bounded to do a monotonous desk job. 

At GFFI we offer you a career. With every course we give you 100% job assistance. GFFI have placed several students and every one of them is willing to share their success story with the world, We could only list a few. Have a look!!!!




Ajay Yadav (Senior Trainer Fitness Alive)

Ajay Yadav (Senior Trainer @ Fitness Alive)

I Got to know about GFFI through internet. I was looking for an academy to get knowledge about fitness, not just the certificate. I have been to almost every fitness institute in Delhi and trust me when I say this most of them are just there to fetch money from your pockets. A few of the academies even offer me to give certificate without studying. Well I came to GFFI and When I spoke to Neeraj Mehta (Master Trainer GFFI) I knew I was at the right place. My course went extremely well and after completion of 3 months I got placed in Fitness Alive. I am happy with my career Path, I got the right knowledge, right guidance and good money.

Amit Chauhan (Senior Trainer Fitness Alive)

Amit Chauhan (Senior Trainer @ Fitness Alive)



I am from Agra. Fitness is my passion other than music. My search for a good fitness academy stopped at GFFI Fitness Academy. I enrolled myself in Personal Trainer Course. I wanted to work as fitness instructor and I got correct guidance from GFFI Academy. After completion of the course I got What I always wanted to do. I am a certified fitness instructor today and all the credits go to GFFI and Neeraj Sir.




Seema Sharma (Aerobics and Yoga Trainer , works as a freelancer)

Seema Sharma (Aerobics and Yoga Trainer , works as a freelancer)


My passion to become a fitness instructor got materialized with GFFI Fitness Academy. After completing Aerobics training from GFFI I have got a chance to work as a freelancer. This is one thing which I really admire about this industry, I get the flexibility of time to work as per my convenience and earning is more as well. Thanks GFFI and Neeraj Sir.


Hitesh Sachdeva (Fitness Trainer at Vstudiof3)

Hitesh Sachdeva (Fitness Trainer @ Vstudiof3)


I got to know about GFFI through a friend. I was already aware of the reputation of the academy. I enrolled for Personal Trainer certification and During the course GFFI referred me to a fitness club. I got the job during the session. I am able to manage the classes and my work both. Academy has been so supportive , especially Neeraj Sir. Thanks a ton !!!




Gaurav Verma (Fitness Trainer Vstudiof3)

Gaurav Verma (Fitness Trainer @ Vstudiof3)


After working in MNC’s I realized I am not born for typical desk jobs. I always had an interest in fitness field, somebody suggested me to look for career option in Fitness field. I searched and got to know about GFFI Fitness Academy. After meeting Neeraj Sir I was sure that switching the career would be the right decision but I could not quit my job as I have responsibilities. Well my determination made me work harder and I enrolled for Personal Training course simultaneously I was working as well. I even signed up for the internship with GFFI, During my internship Academy referred me to a fitness club and I got selected. My package was really good, My hard work got paid off. I am very happy with my career. Thank you Neeraj Sir.



Vikas Sharma Owner of Som Sports Complex

Vikas Sharma Owner of Som Sports Complex

I have come across GFFI Fitness Academy when I was looking for a fitness course. Fitness has always been my passion and I had very high expectation when I enrolled myself for the personal training course. I wanted to understand the fitness concept and I had so many doubts in my mind. Once the course got started I got really good understanding about every concept. Neeraj Sir is an amazing trainer. His teaching methods, training techniques are really easy to understand. All my myths got cleared and I learnt a lot from the Academy. After completing my course I have opened my Gym. I am really thankful to GFFI Academy and Neeraj Sir.