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  • “Crisis management and sure shot ways to feel more upbeat”. 

    “Crisis management and sure shot ways to feel more upbeat”. 

    Exercise is the best medicine to defeat depression. Regular exercising is the very effective way to fight depression. When you work out your body releases hormones such as Endorphins. When this hormone enters in your brain it evokes a feeling of positivity thus reduces the feeling of pain. This feel good factor can be obtained by any form of exercise. Now researchers have found that even just one bout of exercise can — even better than a cup of coffee — improve your mental focus and cognitive performance for any challenging task you face that day. Exercise enhances the ability of physical balancing, concentration and memory power at all age groups. Exercise is vital for anyone hoping to maintain good mental health, as it helps lower the risk of suffering from conditions such as dementia and Alzheimer’s disease by encouraging the formation of new brain cells. Yoga moves are considered one of the best form of exercise to fight or avoid depression.

    How does Yoga help

    Whatever the external causes, stress is often fueled by your thoughts. The mind can even produce stress worrying about problems that almost certainly won’t occur.   While performing yoga moves, the main focus is on giving proper contraction to muscles with deep breathing. Breathing has a very important effect on your nervous system. Breathing deeply, fills your lungs with fresh oxygen every time you inhale. Meditation  helps you in having a peaceful mind. Yoga has a list of other health benefits as well. It enhances your overall body fitness, physical and mental.

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    The regular practice of yogic postures can be a fabulous way to lower stress when you feel overwhelmed, and as preventive medicine. Be-sides changing the balance of the nervous system, asana reduce muscle tension, from a yogic perspective, stress can cause muscle spasms and reverse is also true: tight muscles can raise your stress levels. Thus a varied asana program is an effective way to gradually lessen this chronic source of stress, even if some of the postures don’t necessarily feel relaxing while you are doing them.

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    The following yoga practices are one of the most effective to relax your nervous system. It is always recommended to practice these movements under the supervision of an expert. Once you command the movement you can start practicing on your own as well. :

    • SAVASANA : Yogic Deep Relaxation


    • Viparita Karni: Restorative Yoga

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    • Meditation

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    • Virasana: Hero Pose

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    • Ardha Chandrasana: Half Moon Pose

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    • Dandasana : Staff Pose



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