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  • Exercises Options for who are not able to hit the Gym

    Exercises Options for who are not able to hit the Gym

    Hitting a Gym has always been a fitness trend, But you don’t necessarily require to go to a gym to manage your health. There are a lot of exercise techniques which can be done without going to the gym. This season Celebrity Fitness Expert Neeraj Mehta suggests several exercise techniques which do not require a fitness club set up.



    Short duration circuit-  You may have a busy schedule and may not have time for a 40-60 minutes exercise session. You can go for Short duration workout such as 7 minutes interval training. You can do this session in your hotel’s Gymnasium.  Do any cardio activity such as running on a treadmill for 30 seconds with your maximum level of intensity then rest for 15 seconds and repeat 9 more times. This High Intensity workout is very effective for burning calories and strengthening your stamina.



    Body Weight Exercises- Body Weight bearing exercises have always been one of the most effective ways of maintaining health. You can perform these exercises in your home or at any open area such as in your nearest park as well. You can do Squats, lunges, Pushups, Burpees, Crunches, Plank and many more. You can either make a circuit or you can pick up any one of your choice, free hand exercise will increase stamina, endurance and build over all body strength.



    Yoga Stretches- Learn Yoga stretches. Yoga is a holistic approach of overall health management. If you practice regularly you will get several health benefits other than losing weight. It really soothes your mind and makes you more active. Postures like Surya Namaskar, Triangle pose, bridge pose, and Warrior pose are very effective in building overall body strength.



    Aerobics Dance-  If you love dance then this exercise is for you. Make some space in your room, Put on the DVD and start the session. You can also use include your family members or friends in the session to make it more fun.  Aerobics is very effective in building cardiovascular strength and increasing over all body strength.



    Outdoor Activity-  You can go to any park close to your home. You can take a walk in the park or may try some running there. Try some cycling or skipping. You can participate in some group activities as well. You will in fact get a chance to get along with people and make friends. Outdoor Activities can be really stressed bursting and refreshing.



    Expert Says-

    Fitness Expert Neeraj Mehta says, “Though it may seem difficult to stick to your exercise when you don’t have time to break a sweat in the gym but your commitment with yourself will get you through”. Regular exercise have several benefits.

    • Exercising regularly will keep you more active throughout the day.
    • When you exercise, your brain releases a feel good hormone “endorphin”. This hormone keeps your mind stress free.
    • A stress free mind with an Active body can easily get you through a tough schedule.
    • Your blood circulation will be improved and metabolic process would be high, which works in your favor for obvious reasons.
    • Exercise will help you overcome health related issues such as back pain, neck pain etc.

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