GFFI Fitness Academy

Q: What is the value of my GFFI certification?

A: Certification is a process by which GFFI, as a nongovernmental agency or association, recognizes the competency of individuals who have met certain qualifications as determined by the GFFI. To achieve certification from GFFI individuals must meet the eligibility requirements for certification and pass the certification examination.

Certification provides both personal validation and validation for employers and consumers of the certificate holder’s professional competence in the fitness field.

Specifically, certification: “Demonstrates to colleagues and superiors a dedication to quality healthcare and to the highest standards for conduct of fitness professionals.

  • Presents solid evidence to employers that an employee has trained and has been tested to implement best practices and apply current technology solutions, abilities that in turn advance the organization.

  • Sets a person apart from uncredentialed job candidates.

  • Assures current knowledge through continued education and verification of base level competency.

  • Holds value to employers because it supports a worker’s ability to uphold industry standards and regulations, thereby potentially saving organizations from potential liabilities.

  • Catalyzes career development by augmenting résumés and adding recognition to candidates’ capabilities. Since credentials appear after a person’s name, they announce expertise with every signature.

Q: What is required to get my certificate?

A: GFFI Students must have a passing score of 80% or better on either a seminar, independent study or online examination, as well as submit a copy of an Adult CPR Certification card (in some certification cases). All GFFI enrollment fees must be paid in full.

Q: How should my exam look at the time of submission for online course?

A: Completed exams should be stapled or bound in a manner that keeps the coursework and examination organized. All final examinations should be typed, not handwritten. Students must be sure to include their name on every page of their exam. We do not allow plastic page dividers, sheet protectors or binders of any kind.

Q: How do I receive my Independent Study/Online Examination results?

A: Students who submit their exam online will receive their results via email, using the email address provided at the time of testing. Independent Study examination results will be sent by E mail. The communication via email will be from the GFFI Technical Support Department. Students may contact the GFFI Technical Support Department for any questions regarding results. The process of evaluation is approximately 3-4 weeks for checking the examinations.

Q: Is there any validity of the certificate, and what is the procedure for renew?

A: Yes there is a validity of 2 years of all the certification from the date of issue.

The procedure for certificate renew:

1) All the latest / up to date study of the course work preserved by GFFI Technical Team, will be given to the candidate.
2) There is a viva of 20 questionnaires will be asked, on telephone, by giving a comfortable notice to student.
3) Student need to show any document, which shows the association with any reputed health club / else self practice (solo work- clinic) in the field.
4) Need to send a demand draft of Rs 4250. / for internation students (ask us) (as renew fees), in favore of GFFI Fitness Academy payable at New Delhi.
5) Need to send a photo state copy of the certificate before one month of expiry date along with an application, DD and address proof.
6) It will take 4-5 weeks to process the request.
7) For any delay in receiving the certificate or further information feel free to call 9811309667.
8) The validity of renewed certificate is again for further 2 years.

Q: What is a personal trainer legally able to do?

A: Personal Training deals with the art and science of physical conditioning combined with healthful behaviour modification techniques that are preventive in nature, but not corrective, therapeutic, or rehabilitative. There is focus on the use of passive, active, and resistive exercise to maintain and improve human function. In addition, trainers can work with technologies that include:

  • Health and fitness assessments and testing procedures;

  • Injury recognition, appraisal, preliminary treatment, and instruction; and

  • Counselling on wellness and public health issues, including:

    .Weight management
    .Smoking cessation
    .Nutritional counselling
    .Stress management; and
    .Disease prevention.

At the date this was revised, there is no licensing for personal fitness professionals in the India. A certificate does not constitute a license to practice medicine. Unless you are already a licensed health care practitioner, it is important not to present yourself as a physician in any manner. Industry recognition, memberships, and liability insurance is available to GFFI graduates. Students should investigate the laws within the state in which they reside.

When a client comes to a personal trainer for health support for a particular problem, they will have received a diagnosis from a primary health care physician. If not, they should do so. The trainer can educate the client on health and fitness which can complement any treatment prescribed by the primary health care physician. The focus of a trainer is not on disease or illness, but on fitness and health allowing the body to heal itself. Many primary health care physicians are willing to work with personal trainers to achieve the best overall plan for the client.

As a personal trainer, it is important to remember that your suggestions are complimentary to a primary health care physician. A personal trainer cannot diagnose a client as having a particular illness, or purport to treat or cure any disease. This constitutes practicing medicine without a license. However, there is a large scope for a personal trainer to educate the client without stepping over that line.

Note that if you are a health care practitioner, you may be able to adjunct your new training to your existing practice. Many RNs, MDs, Physical Therapists and Pharmacists take the courses for this purpose.

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