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  • Fitness A Must, To Boost Brain Health Among Kids

    Fitness A Must, To Boost Brain Health Among Kids

    Zumba  and Kick boxing is starting from 5th September.

    Physical fitness is losing ground among children to video games, TV, studies and sedentary lifestyle. Child obesity and musculoskeletal development disorders by the age of 14 years is becoming a common sight in India.

    Probably making physical education and routine exercise regime, a part of the curriculum could help address this problem. Least that can be done is, parents encouraging children to make physical activity a part of their every day life.

    Immediate benefits of routine exercises include:

    • Improved ability to complete routine activities.
    • Healthy bones and muscles.
    • Improved motor skills
    • Reduced injuries.
    • Prevents many chronic health conditions. Regular exercising ensures a lower risk for developing chronic health problems.
    • Better flexibility level
    • Better concentration level.

    Some tips for parents to encourage fitness:

    Taking special interest in your kids’ fitness level go a long way in the child future health. Parents can exercise with their kids, that way, it will help both parent and child to get fit and also make it a fun time. Some of the exercises that can be considered as fitness activities include:

    • Sportsare considered as one of the best exercises. Playing a sport your child likes help boost interest in the activity.
    • Teach them Yoga. Yoga stretches work best as a holistic approach to improve overall health. If you are not familiar with correct postures then practice under the supervision of an expert.

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