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  • Milky Way – Cow/Buffalo milk- whole milk or skim milk

    Milky Way – Cow/Buffalo milk- whole milk or skim milk

    Milky Way
    Cow/Buffalo milk- whole milk or skim milk? soy milk, almond milk, coconut milk, rice milk

    Cow/Buffalo milk, whole milk, Skim milk, Soy milk, Almond milk, coconut or Rice milk- it is difficult and confusing at the same time to decide the right type of milk from an individual to individual. Well, that was really simple having 2 glasses of milk everyday as kids and our moms telling us it will make us stronger and healthier.
    Yes, dairy is an important food and great source of protein and calcium but there is a range of non-dairy milk as well that makes the list longer and thereby confusing us further.
    Let us better understand cow’s milk and other alternatives available in the market.

    Cow’s Milk- Whole milk or Skim milk?
    The lactose in cow’s milk gives approximately 8 gms of protein from One glass full of milk and plenty of Calcium & Vitamin D. It is also rich in carbohydrates. Unless you are allergic to lactose and dairy products; cow’s milk is highly recommended. Now comes the question of what kind of cow’s milk- Whole or Skim? This, completely depends of the individual’s health condition and of course taste. If you are diabetic or suffering from any heart disease then, skin is recommended because the fat that occurs in dairy is higher in saturated fat, which can lead to cardiovascular disease.
    Whereas, if you enjoy a healthy life and like the taste and feeling of over filling from whole milk then go for it.

    Soy Milk
    Soy Millk is the closest milk in term of the nutrition value among the other non-dairy alternatives that are available in the market. One glass of soy milk contains a little less gms of protein as compared to cow’s milk. (7 gms against 8 gms in cow milk). Since the soy milk is made up of soy beans, it provides with multiple healthy fats, and is fortified with calcium.
    Soy milk if highly recommended if you are vegan (people who don’t consume dairy products) or those who are allergic to lactose.

    Almond Milk
    Almond milk is a rich source of healthy fats and is a good substitute if you are allergic to lactose and taste of soy. Having said that, almond milk is very low in protein and if you are looking for a similar nutritional value, then almond milk isn’t the right choice.

    Coconut Milk
    Coconut milk is a liquid that is found inside the mature coconuts, stored within the coconut meat. There is a difference in coconut water and milk. It is actually the coconut water that matures and turn into coconut milk.
    Coconut milk comes with a lot of nutritional values which not just build the immune system of the body but also prevents heart diseases and improves blood pressure.

    Rice Milk
    Rice milk is not among the other alternatives available as firstly this has no protein value. It contains healthy fats and is usually fortified with 30-40% of one’s daily value of calcium. Rice milk is usually recommended to someone who has some serious food allergies and cannot consume dairy, soy or nuts.

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