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  • More Than Green Tea: Xing!

    A simple look at our web site and the iced, green Xing tea we are offering to all of your health-concerned folks out there should help you get the feel of our business. We are struggling to bring you face to face with a cup of pure health and well-being every time you will prepare your green tea, and we have put a great deal of hard work, effort, and consideration into the creation of our final products. Weight loss control, diabetes, heart disease, esophageal cancer, cholesterol, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, blood pressure, tooth decay, skin care – these are some of the main benefits of drinking green tea on a regular basis. So we know just how good green tea truly is for your body and spirit. Check out the rest of health benefits on the site and get in touch with us. Then start savoring your tea while playing a game of Preferans online.  


    Preferans– The Unknown Game With A High Potential!

    Preference appeared approximately in the mid-nineteenth century, and in fact it was a hodgepodge of different popular of card games of that time. The name of the game – preferans – was given to it due to the principle of the auction, which actually was used in the game. For many years, preference had been acquiring extraordinary popularity and preference club became a part of the attributes of the friendly get-togethers. Over time many of the game terms turned into catch phrases and today it’s not outdated but, moreover, keeps gaining popularity very quickly again.

    Modern Preferans Games

    Modern preferans online is recognized as an intellectual game that requires strategic vision and intelligence. At the end of XXth century with the development of the Internet online preferans appeared that made it have fun with gamblers' favorite games even easier for them. After all, it is possible to play at any time convenient to you. And even if you're thousands of miles away from your friends online pereferance mode will help you feel the game like you play with them at one table. By the way, in October 2010, the International League of preference held its first world championship online where a large sum of money was given as a prize. Like many other card games preferans requires the players to own a certain intellectual effort, and this feature is the one for which preferans is the favorite game of many players as what could be nicer than to compete in intellectual forces in the game for money. Speaking of money, check out the Casino EuroKing promotions and see if you can find any that might sound appealing enough to you.


    What About The Rules?


    As for preferance rules, it's fairly easy to learn playing this game although at first the rules of preference may seem overly complicated. But regular practice on the Internet will help the gamblers quickly to find their way in this exciting card game as online preference training model is a great pastime and workout for any lover of card games.


    As it has been said above, preferans game rules are very simple if one understands them properly. If you really want to play this wonderful game the rules won't stop you from doing that. Online preference is played with a deck of 32 cards (from 7 to Ace) and suit seniority (the trump should be selected early in the game). The total batch is divided into a few games: contracts, where the player must take no less tricks than he has announced, minuscule which does not take any card and raspasy where it is necessary to take the maximum amount of bribes. The main goal of the game is to make a possible better deal, which will be written in a bullet, to the mountain or in vista. The maximum number of tricks – 10 – are called Totus. If you regularly practice in a game of preferance, the game will soon become your second alphabet. We recommend you use the same type of perseverance and diligence when practicing other games such as poker or craps. Use places like and make the most of their free games online!



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