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  • Stretching and Strength Training

    Tip: Stretching and Strength Training

    Be kind to your body! To avoid strains, sprains, muscle tears, and general soreness while doing your weight training routine, be sure to stretch for at least five minutes. This warm-up will loosen muscles and get the circulation flowing. Try a shoulder rotation and arm rotation (which make your arms and shoulders more flexible for arm shoulder strength training exercise).


    When you’ve completed a session in your weight training program, be sure to sit on the floor and cool down (cool downs are equally as important as warm-ups). Try this cool down:


    • Sit with your legs spread apart

    • Slowly walk your hands in front of you

    • Inhale and exhale

    • Walk your hands over to your left foot and grasp the toes

    • Let your head hang

    • Repeat with the right foot

    • Slowly roll up

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