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Personal Trainer / Gym Trainer / Certified Fitness Trainer

              “Make a Bright, future in fast growing fitness Profession”

The most challenging course provided by GFFI Fitness Academy is Personal Trainer Course. This is the scientific and comprehensive fitness course which take your passion to the next level and you will be known as a Certified Personal Trainer / Gym Trainer of International standards.
This diploma / certification course is most popular course whether a career move or for your personal knowledge and you will get all the information that is necessary to become a certified personal trainer. This diploma course is taught over a 3 months period. This course is offered in conjunction with GFFI Fitness Academy and is a great preparation for the GFFI fitness certification courses. For this regular course 80 hours will given for theory and practical.

Minimum Suggested Prerequisites:
• Required age for this diploma / certification course is 18 years is and just the high school diploma or equivalent.

• CPR is not required for this diploma course.

• Basic understanding of human body, strength training and flexibility.

Topic covered in This Certification Course:
• Anatomy, muscle physiology, kinesiology.

• Video literature on how you get stronger, intro 2 muscle anatomy, intro 2 muscle and actions, muscles soreness.

• Strength training for upper and lower body 300 hundred exercises shown in correct form with complete description, and a list of body actions used to formed each exercise.

• More than 100 sports movements and there description, motions, activity type and body action.

• Stretching and flexibility exercises.

• Post Rehabilitation Exercises for Musculoskeletal Injuries.

• First Aid and Emergency Protocols.

• Exercise Programming for Special Population i.e. Children, Seniors, Pre/Post Natal and more. 

There is no trial class for any of the course before registration

For this Diploma study course you will get:

  •  1 GFFI Personal Trainer Manual

  •  1 Book of Anatomy

  • 1 Book of GFFI-FITNESS Fitness Tips
  • 2 Videos  C,D,s   

GFFI Distance Learning ( Home Study ) Certification Programs Offer a viable alternative and carry the same valuable content and learning experience as an on site certification and seminars. GFFI Distance learning certification education program cover all the same topics as certification workshops in an easy to follow home-study correspondence format.

Certified Personal Trainer / Gym Trainer Home Study Diploma / Certification Includes:

  •  There is no travelling necessary, the exam is base on all material you receive.
  • All the material and examination are sent you via courier and email.
  •  Complete the practical and theory exam  and send it to academy via courier and email.    
  • Once we will receive the examination answer sheet along with the practical, you will have to give a viva of questionnaire from the manual, this is mandatory (for home study base exam) to clear the exam, which will be taken over the phone.         
  •  After successfully completing the practical, theory and viva exam you will get a certificate.
  •  Feel free to call GFFI technical support line or email GFFI any time you have a question while completing certification exam.
  • GFFI doesn’t distinguish between “home study” verses “in person” certificate, as both program are equally evaluated.
  •  The fees written below of the course is inclusive of all the course material and examination, and there is no extra or hidden cost will be added.

All the fees includes GST*

Fees for Regular Course  Rs 30680.00 ( India )     (for one*)
Fees for Home Study Course  $ 320 /-( International ) /Rs. 24780.00 ( India )           (for one*)
(*) Fees for Shared Home Study Course  $ 525/- ( International ) / Rs. 42000.00 ( India)     (for two*)


(*) Shared Online Course will be divided into two persons. whereas, study material will be send to them on the same mailing address.

Note: All the certificates awarded by GFFI Fitness Academy has two years of validity, after that one need to renew the certificate, call at 9810111018 for information.

Approximate Completion Time For the home-study Course:

  • Up to 3 months to complete the certification course. You can take the extension for 1 month for his you have to give us a proper request letter before completion of 3 months.

  • Your order is processed within 72 hours, after receiving the full fee of the course. Please allow 12-15 day days for Standard Delivery.

  • Normal courier (additional fee of Rs.800.00 for INDIA. 2-day delivery)

  • Fed Ex only (additional fee for International order , call +91-98113-09667 )

  • This is self-paced and self-study course and exam.

  • Submit your exam once you have complete the course.

  • Please allow up to 4-5 weeks for grading and marking and to receive your certificate.

  • 80% is required to pass your exam..

  • You will receive your results via email and\or fax within 5-6 Days, followed by your mailed certificate and membership information within one week of receipt of your exam..

How to order:

Send us a Indian postal money order, demand draft or a corporate, institutional or personal check and the order form. Payment by check may delay your order. Checks must clear before we can send your merchandise. Please make checks and money order payable to GFFI Fitness Academy New Delhi, India.

Note: The fees deposited for any certification / workshop course work will not be refunded. (this is applicable for both, regular and online course)


Or You can pay by Paypal Account