GFFI Fitness Academy

GFFI (India), is into the R&D of Exercise science, and yoga therapy for special population. GFFI (India) is into the manufacturing of Herbal medicines.

The GFFI conducts research in Exercise Physiology, Ayurveda, Women Health Issues, Hypertension, Behavior Change due to stress, children’s health issues, obesity, nutrition, aging and other health issues.


Papers from The GFFI are among the most frequently cited references in the scientific literature on topics related to physical fitness, physical activity, and health. GFFI follows, ethics of B.F.S.( Bureau of fitness Standards ) and also collaborated with the bureau, to conduct researches in Yoga conditioning and Ayurvedic medicine for older adults. GFFI conduct seminars nation wise to aware the general public for the advantage of physical health through Yoga conditioning. Moreover, GFFI with so many major public initiatives, researching the Prevention / Treatment of Diabetes and AIDS.


Through increased activity, weight training, aerobic conditioning, flexibility, Proper Nutrition, Yoga conditioning and Ayurvedic Medication.