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The GFFI Sports Nutritionist Certification program is the perfect course for Personal Trainers, Strength Trainers, Aerobic/Group Instructors, athletes of all levels and all associated health practitioners & enthusiasts! This is a Diploma of 3 months. The GFFI Sports Nutritionist course will give you the knowledge to become a top professional in the Nutrition Field! Proper Sports Nutrition is one of the most important factors for athletes, bodybuilders, fitness enthusiasts, trainers, and for all Sports. No form of training is complete without proper nutrition. Learn how to enhance your client’s workouts and maximize their results with proper nutrition, safe and effective sports supplements, and beneficial vitamins and minerals! This is why there are so many individuals, those that seek advice, guidance, and counseling from nutrition professionals. By completing the GFFI Sports Nutritionist Diploma course, you can become one of the Top Certified sought out nutrition professionals! You can work as a counselor for sports associations, Fitness Clubs, Slimming Centers, Sports Nutrition Companies and also you can start your own Diet and Nutrition Consultancy Center.

Minimum Suggested Prerequisites:

18 years of age; High School Diploma or Equivalent

Background knowledge in the basics of nutrition

Topics Covered:

  • Understanding of Carbohydrate intake
  • Benefits of Vitamins and Minerals
  • Exercise and Immunity
  • Blood Type and Diet relation
  • Why Diet’s Don’t Work
  • Top Ten Body Building Supplements
  • Fat Burn Myths
  • Food Functions for Developing Athletes
  • Nutrition Essentials for Sports
  • Fluid for Athletes
  • Fuel for Muscle Development
  • High – Performance Meal Planning
  • Strategies for Overcoming Disordered Eating
  • Nutritional Sources for Athletes
  • Nutritional Aspects of Optimal Performance
  • Factors Affecting Nutritional Needs
  • Nutritional Strategies for Specific Energy System
  • Nutritional Plans for Specific Sports

For this Diploma Home Study course you will get:

1 Book of Supplements for STRENGTH-POWER Athletes




1 C.D.s  (Why Diet Don’t Work)

Assessment Process for awarding the Certificate:

# The student needs to prepare a thesis of 300 pages (Arial Font, Size 12).

# The thesis includes 30 to 60 topics, where the student needs to write the details of all his / her research work in his / her language.

# Note: If the content of the thesis is more than 30% plagiarized (COPIED) than the thesis will not be accepted.

# The student needs to send the soft copy of the thesis to our email id for pre-checking for approval at Email:

# If all the written material and topics chose are according to the standard, then the student will be informed, print the paperback copy of the thesis.

# The reference (referred name of the book/website) should be given after each topic of the written content.

# When the thesis paperback copy will be received, within 7 working days, the student will get a call from the academy for telephonic VIVA, where you will be asked 12-15 questions from the submitted thesis.

# If the VIVA answers will be found satisfactory, Than the student will be awarded will the Certificate as “Certified Sports Nutritionist”

Fees for the Course:

 Fees for Regular Course Rs 24780.00 ( India )     (for one)
Fees for Online Course  $ 300 /-( International ) / Rs 20060.00 ( India )         (for one)
(*) Fees for Shared Online Course  $ 460/- -( International ) / Rs 34500.00 ( India )     (for two)

*) Shared Online Course will be divided into two persons. Whereas, study material will be sent to them on the same mailing address.

Note: All the certificates awarded by GFFI Fitness Academy has two years of validity after that one need to renew the certificate, call at 9810111018 for information.

GFFI Distance Learning (Home Study) Certification Programs offer a viable alternative and carry the same valuable content and learning experience as an on-site certification and seminars. GFFI Distance learning certification education program covers all the same topics as certification workshops in an easy to follow home-study correspondence format

Certified Sports Nutritionist Home Study Diploma / Certification Includes:

There is no traveling is necessary, the exam is base on all material you receive.

All the material and examination are sent you at the same time.

  • After successfully completing the practical and theory exam you will get a certificate and ID card.
  • Feel free to call GFFI technical support line or email GFFI any time you have a question while completing certification exam.
  • GFFI doesn’t distinguish between home study verses in person certificate as both programs are equally evaluated.
  • The fees written below of the course is inclusive of all the course material and examination, and there is no extra or hidden cost will be added.

Approximate Completion Time for the home-study Course: Up to 3 months to complete the certification course.

You can take the extension for 1 month for his you have to give us a proper request letter before completion of 3 months.

Your order is processed within 48 hours, after receiving the full fee of the course. Please allow 5-7 day days for Standard Delivery.

Normal courier (additional fee of Rs.800.00 for INDIA. 2-day delivery)

Fed Ex only (additional fee for International order, call +91-98113-09667)

This is self-paced and self-study course, One need to prepare a thesis of 300 pages from the given course material and you can include more information from the internet and other books. (Information is given above)

Please allow us 4-5 weeks for grading and marking, once this is done, we will call for a quick viva, and to receive your certificate.

You need to clear viva to receive your certificate…

By the time grading, marking and viva is complete. You will receive your results via email, followed by your mailed certificate.

How to order:

Send us an Indian postal money order, demand draft or a corporate, institutional or personal check and the order form. Payment by check may delay your order. Checks must clear before we can send your merchandise. Please make checks and money order payable to GFFI Fitness Academy New Delhi, India.