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Neeraj Mehta

Neeraj Mehta is renowned fitness therapist, life coach, motivational speaker, entrepreneur and one of the nation’s leading wellness expert. He is one of the globe master trainer and one of the director of GFFI Fitness Academy.

He is the inspiration for thousands of people who are fighting the weight loss battle. His idea of fitness is body- mind conditioning as he believes that “your body can not go somewhere where your mind is not going”. He shares a unique connection with his audience as he can relate to their battle. His training has given miraculous results to his clients. His expertise are weight loss, weight gain, muscle building, muscle gaining, Body Building, injury rehabilitation, correcting body imbalances, Diet and supplement consultation, nervotherapy etc. He is known to get his clients in their best shape ever in quickest possible time. He has been practicing Alternative Medicine (Nervo Therapy, Chiropractic, Clinical Exercise Therapy, Joint Manipulation and Acupressure Therapy) for more than 15 years. He is an expert to train sports Persons, general public and special population (medically challenged).

He has earned several certifications in fitness from various reputed fitness Academies including the prestigious Phd in Human Bio mechanics and Alternative medicines. Not to mention that he is the only fitness therapist in the country with the mentioned qualification. All his knowledge is complemented with his own fitness journey which started when he was 9 years of age. His father introduced him to martial arts, due to his support and encouragement he then moved on to earn a black belt and a national championship. He is a master trainer in 14 different exercise techniques including Karate, Taekwondo, Kickboxing, Tai Chi, SteelFlexx, Pilates, Yoga, Aerobics, Strength training, Functional training etc.”


Umesh Kumar

Umesh Kumar is one of the gurus in fitness industry. General Secretary world Martial Arts Association, General Secretary world Arm wrestling Association, President Youth Judo Federation of India. NIS Judo Coach, Black Belt V-Dan, M.P.Ed., M.Phil, Ph.D. Ex-Chairman. Indira Gandhi Institute of Physical Education and Sports Sciences Department of Physical Education and Sports Sciences
University of Delhi





Swati Mehta is passionate about spiritualism from her child hood, which took her beyond all other studies. With the practice of yoga, prayanama and other meditations especially the real chanting of “GOD”, made her understand the way of life. This path led her through an intensive study of meditation and many forms of energy and vibrational healing techniques. As her education broadened, her desire to discover methods that would bring lasting healing into our daily lives was also strengthened. All these experiences have continued to bless Swati throughout her life, providing the fuel for her passion to heal and to share with others what she learns. Healing has become her life’s work.

Swati is also the active member of Advisory board of  GFFI Fitness Academy for inventing new Yogic / spiritual / fitness programs / Courses, specially for Body healing / soul healing / Cardiovascular exercises, group fitness activities and workout for special population. She is also a leading national master instructor in various group aerobic training. She is a Graduate in Group / individual body balancing training, and a master for pre and post pregnancy exercises. Presently she is teaching in GFFI Fitness Academy and also the branch coordinator for DELHI Office. Swati is a qualified naturopathy expert too.


Rashid Ansari

Rashid Ansari

Rashid Ansari is the technical head of GFFI Fitness Academy. A Global Master Instructor in various martial arts for over the past 30 years. Instructor in SIL LUM CHUAN FA, TAI JI QUAN, WING CHUN, HUNG GAR, TA SHENG MEN, TONG LONG CHUAN, QI QUONG, BA GUA CHANG. An internationally experienced renowned choreographer and has been choreographing and teaching theatre & movement for the past 15 years. Former visiting faculty at National School of Drama for Tai Ji Quan and movement. He is master in Ethnic Musical Instruments.  He is the coordinator and member of “The Earth Rhythms”-music group that uses ethnic instruments from different culture to create rhythms and music.


SUNITASunita Malhotra has been practicing Yoga from 2 decades. Sunita is heading the GFFI Fitness Academy branch of United State of America. She is a qualified Yoga Specialist from various institutions of India and also a certified master instructor from GFFI FITNESS ACADEMY. She studied deep into yogic meditation and prayanama from Indian Renowned Gurus. Experienced Yoga practiced in Hymilayas and Karela (the deep places of India for yogics practices). The physical and mental health benefits that Sunita has experienced through yoga been rewarding and life changing.

Sunita draws some of her therapy awareness into her yoga teaching. She has a particular interest in stress reduction, and in working with physical limitations/ disability. Her classes have a gentle flow with plenty of attention to detail. The focus is on the breathing, with the movements following the breath. Her intention is to discuss the needs of regular attenders and to adapt her material in response to any restrictions and limitations


Bharat Chauhan 

Bharat Chauhan – One of the best Student of GFFI Fitness Academy. Who has completed a number of health and fitness courses from the academy. A certified fitness instructor and nutritionist, he is also a Yoga and Pilates Level I instructor. He has over 15 years of experience in fitness industry. He is the member of the technical team of GFFI Fitness Academy. He takes care of two different branches of the academy. He handles the workshop sessions conducted by GFFI fitness academy in various cities.





Neelima Agnihotri

Neelima Agnihotri is the member of technical team of GFFI Fitness Academy. A Certified Pilates Trainer (Australia). A master Trainer from Aerobic Fitness Federation of India. A recognized Doctor of Naturopath from Govt. of India. Master Diploma in Software Programming. She has over 11 years experience in Yoga Conditioning and Aerobic Conditioning with INOA (India). She is Aerobic-Workshops coordination head of GFFI Fitness Academy. She is a Diploma in Salsa Dance





Harsh Priya Singh

Harsh  Priya Singh  is a certified Taekwondo instructor. He is Black Belt IV Dan from World Taekwondo Federation , 5 times National Medalist,  a certified Trainer from Taekwondo Federation of India, and a national Refree , and a Graduate from  Taekwondo Federation of India, and also is the certified  sampling  officer for doping control from Sports Authority of India. Harsh,  currently is the General Secretary or Delhi Taekwondo Association and coach for Delhi Team of Taekwondo. Also he is the founder and Director of Leo Sports and Cultural Society . He is also one of the Known Advocate and the member of GFFI’s Legal Commete.




Dr. Pramod P. Sehgal

Dr. Pramod P. Sehgal

Dr. Pramod P. Sehgal is the member of technical team of GFFI Fitness Academy. He is one of the known Diabetologist in India. He is M.B.B.S. and M.D. from Swai Maan Sing Medical Institute of Jaipur. He is Ex Mr. SMS in Body Building. His Specialty is Cardio-Diabetologist . Working with so many Medical Organizations in India. Also he is the Director of Dr. Sehgal’s Health Care Center. Lecturer for Human Muscles Anatomy for GFFI Health Care Institute.




sachin-khuranaSachin Khurana is an actor, model, theater artist, anchor and a fitness enthusiast. A former Mr. India, he has movies like Dasvadania, Ankur Arora murder case, pyaar me twist etc in his Bucket. He is a grooming expert, spreading awareness about importance of grooming in today’s world. Sachin is working as a technical grooming head of GFFI fitness academy, making the young trainers understand and improve communication skills.