GFFI Fitness Academy

I reeving this certificate on (11 September, 2016) of a personal trainer.
Experience : – My exercise is like whatever I got here feels me move confident, special which I was not a part. I learned about a special exercise for special people, which feel me now more educated, updated and advanced a term of technique and posture and breathing pattern. Sir the way of your teaching method is making you and me different from the crowds.
Sir, I still wanted to continue with you with some other courses.Thanks Sir

SUKHDEV(Personal Trainer – Sep 2016)

My experience after doing the personal training course and I have gained lots of knowledge and after implementing BMX strength in my routine I got any good results. The way Neeraj sir use to teach was very generic and easy to understand by anyone .

Sonia(Personal Trainer – Sep 2016)

I received my Personal Trainer certificate on (11 September 2016).
Experience: -My experience was great with GFFI Academy. I learnt BMX teaching from Neeraj Metha Sir. I am following traditional hut. Before joining the GFFI Academy but now I have learned the BMX technique which is very beneficial &effective. The results are awesome from BMX technique. This technique is beneficial & different from the traditional exercise. The teaching pattern of NEERAJ METHA sir, is very different & Learnable. And the Uature of sir, is loving, caring& motivational. The GFFI Academy is the best academy.

The Learnable, Loving, Caring, Motivational, Inspirational environment is given by NEERAJ METHA sir .My confidence level is gained by NEERAJ METHA sir.

Rahul Sharma(Personal Trainer – Sep 2016)

MY experience at GFFI was so good after coming here I understand my body I love to be here .the environment is so positive .being in with side to NEERAJ sir give me positive vibes.

PRIYANKA NEGI(Personal Trainer – Sep 2016)

I started my academic journey with GFFI on 23/10/2015 till April 2016, and it has been one of the most amazing experience I have ever had, besides all the hard work, pressure, struggle etc., I had a so much fun. I learned through this academy that deprived of any caste, region, religion, community, etc. everyone is bonded under one motivation and that is FITNESS.
I would also like to thank my mentor Sir Neeraj Mehta for taking up immense trouble and guiding me towards the completion of my course. Your act of kindness will ever remain grateful.

Moalong Yaden(Personal Trainer – Sep 2016)

My name is Meenu Kaushik, I have done my aerobic trainer, course From GFFI Academy it was really a great experience. I learnt a lot from the academy, I want to say thanks to Neeraj Metha Sir and Swati Ma’am. They were always there to boost me and made me confident. Today I want to wish all the best to this academy for providing such courses in their excellent way.
Thank you Sir&Ma’am.

Meenu Kaushik(Personal Trainer – Sep 2016)

My experience at GFFI was very good and the support given by the teachers specially Neeraj Sir was polite much impressive. And the quality of knowledge provided was definitely very good.

Manmeet Singh(Personal Trainer – Sep 2016)

मैंने अपना P.T का certificate received कर लिया है मैंने GFFI FITNESS ACADEMY से काफी कुछ सीखा है और उनका सही तरीका राईट time right eat ,full range of motion special population workout ,और some new exercise .

suggestion: मेरी personally advice है सबको यहाँ पर join करना चाहिए और सीखना चाहिए life style के लिए या अपनी fitness के लिए या अपने profession के लिए आपके जीवन के लिए ये काफी लाभदायक होगा |

KRISHAN KUMAR(Personal Trainer – Sep 2016)

मैं आगरा से हूँ ,GFFI FITNESS ACADEMY मे मेरा बहुत अच्छा EXPERIENCE रहा यहाँ पर CLASES समझाने का तरीका बहुत अच्छा है SPECIALLY मुझे सबसे ज्यादा PROFIT BMX STRENGHT से हुआ और समझ आया की WITHOUT STIFFNESS AND JOINT PAIN भी हम MUSCLE बना सकते है

JITENDER SHARMA(Personal Trainer – Sep 2016)

I have completed my aerobics trainer course successfully with GFFI under the great guidance of Neeraj Sir and Swati Mam. A big thanks to both of them for their support. I have learned so many things, the correct method and the confidence that I have gained here as an instructor is amazing It was a fun, learning experience her  Thank You Very Much

Harleen Kaur Sethi(Personal Trainer – Sep 2016)

My experience at GFFI was the best part was group classes and the way Neeraj sir idea to handle the class and focus every individual .
Vikas Badola (Personal Trainer – Sep 2016)

I receving this certificate on (11 September 2016) and providing top service this certificate.
If I am talking about my experience it was really great because before this I was part of Hotel Industry and I had to leave for some physical reason after working for last 5-7 years working with hotel and suddenly I have to seen an alternative and spending 5-6 months in GFFI I got top in reputed gym (sport’s fit) as AFM and now I realized ,I don’t feel like veterans not a beginner just because if all experience which I got term GFFI Fitness Academy. Thank You
Sir whatever I got term You.
*Some kind video work in theory classes to get it better.
*I might be wrong but what I feel you classes move for below par average student their should some focus or students who are udgraded.

Vinod paliwal (Personal Trainer – Sep 2016)

My learning experience was really very good. The faculty here is very helpful and friendly. They gave their best efforts so that we people could learn Aerobics. I would like to thank all of them

Aditya Gagneja (Aerobics Trainer Batch- Dec-2015)

It has been an amazing experience during Steelflexx workshop with GFFI Fitness Academy. The director Mr. Neeraj Mehta is very helpful and at the same time very professional. He is a real knowledgeable person. I have learnt many a things in this course which I have incorporated in my daily fitness regimen. He always explains the science behind every stretch and pose which no other trainer gives. I made a right choice by enrolling myself in GFFI.

Chetan Vasudeva (Steelflexx- Dec- 2015)

Awesome experience !!!

Great teaching techniques. All the staff members are very supportive.

Gaurav Sharma (Aerobics Trainer- Dec- 2015)

I feel fortunate and blessed to be trained at GFFI under guidance of Mr. Neeraj Mehta. Before this I hadn’t been to any gym and wasn’t aware about strength training. During my course I learned a lot. I remember my first day when I wasn’t able to lift 1 kg dumbbell. Now after getting trained from this institute I can lift upto dumbbell and do 15 reps. I could do more intense training now such as deadlift.

I will give all the credits to Neeraj Sir, my profound mentor. He has been so supportive through out the course. He has shared his knowledge and experience with us. I have experienced lot of progress in my self physiological and psychological  .

I feel privileged to be trained from this institute.

Thanks a lot!!!

Gunjan Mishra (Personal Trainer – Sep 2015)

The experience with GFFI academy was very good. We have learnt so many new techniques, steps, combination, chorepgraphy fron Neeraj Sir and Swati Ma’am. They are the best coach. It has been my privilege to be a part of this academy.

Gurmeet Kaur (Aerobics Trainer- Dec- 2015) 

I thought that Aerobics Trainer’s course would be tough for me. But here I learned to mix these steps with the dance steps. All the faculty members are very good. If anyone has doubts about anything, They were always there for explaining and resolution.

Jatin- (Aerobics Trainer- Dec-2015 )

It has been a good experience of learning in GFFI Fitness Academy. I have completed Stragility workshop from this academy . My mentor Neeraj Mehta has been so supportive and encouraged us to master the movements.

Thank you GFFI.

Karanveer (Stragility- Aug 2015)

My experience in GFFI is very good. I have learned many things regarding fitness and health from our mentor Neeraj Mehta. The overall surroundings in this place is absolutely brilliant. I am very much honored and thankful to GFFI and Neeraj Sir for all his guidance and providing us with his immense knowledge and techniques.

Thank you GFFI.

Pranjal Kalita (Personal Trainer- Sep 2015)

I like the teaching methods of GFFI. My internship period helped me a lot.

All the best GFFI

Sarthak Tyagi (Personal Trainer  Batch- Sep 2015)

Awesome experience!!!

Great teaching technique and very supportive staff.

Suraj Kumar (Aerobics Trainer- Dec 2015 )

GFFI Fitness Academy has given me too much knowledge than I ever thought about a Personal Trainer and strength training. Neeraj Sir introduced me to a new and safe way to exercise named BMXStrength, which is a very useful way of exercising along with keeping the joints and ligaments secured .

My learning experience was very good in every way such as teaching, explaining. So, Best of Luck GFFI. None is better than this Academy.

Thank You

Upjot Singh-  (Personal Trainer Batch- Sep2015)

I am very thankful to the GFFI Academy. It was very enjoyable and knowledgeable experience. My confidence has been improved a lot.

Vishwajeet Roy (Stragility- Aug 2015) 


My experience with GFFI
20150405_132011Its been a great experience learning the new technique BMX.  As I am experiencing a great change in my own physique. I definitely hope that the clients I will train will have a great workout experience and will surely get good results on their bodies. If I will talk about Neeraj sir, I will be short of words. He is a great teacher and I have learnt so much from him. I will definitely be with him throughout my life span. Many thanks for everything.
Dushyant Sharma (Personal Training Batch March 2015)

My nam20150405_132205e is Manisha Kohli. I have joined Aerobics course in GFFI Fitness Academy. I found out about the academy through internet. Swati maam andNeeraj sir taught me really well about aerobics. I learnt the practical and theoretical aspects of Aerobics. I learnt that aerobics really helps to maintain overall body health. I am thankful to my respected teachers Neeraj Sir and Swati Maam. They are my doctors, teachers, friends. GFFI is the best academy to do any fitness course.Manisha Kohli (Aerobics Training March 2015)

—————————————————————————————————————————————————————-My experience With GFFI

My name is Mritunjay. 5 years Ago I used to kill time by wandering here and there with no plans for future. One of my friends suggests me to do personal trainer course in GFFI. I joined the course and I got to learn about so much here. The trainer Mr. Neeraj Mehta taught us about BMXStrength techniques. I have learnt many exercises based on BMXStrength Technique. He also taught us How to train Special Population people. I like the teaching methods of Neeraj Sir. The entire experience was fun filled and knowledgeable.

Thanks You GFFI !!!

Mritunjay Gupta  (Personal Training Batch March 2015)


20150405_131944It was a very wise decision, being a fitness enthusiast, to join GFFI Fitness Acadmey; few months ago to become a certified fitness trainer. My experience was more than what I predicted. I learnt at every stage during the course of my study and practical training under the superb guidance of Dr. Neeraj Mehta. We learnt the new revolutionary techniques discovered & developed by Neeraj Sir called BMXStrength. We came to know about the most effective technique and its tremendous benefits in shorter duration with no injury.

I searched for an institution to get certified as a trainer as a trainer and no place other than GFFI is best. I came to know about world renowned celebrity fitness expert Dr. Neeraj Mehta, through my thorough search on internet.

Today, I am more than happy and overwhelmed after getting certified as a personal trainer. My vision about fitness has totally changed here. I am proud of being a part of GFFI.

Nitin Sharma (Personal Training March 2015)


My name is Prakash Singh. I Play Kushti.  During my practice one of my friends Nitin Yadav tols me about GFFI Fitness Academy. He is a GFFI certified fitness instructor. He suggested me to join the same course from GFFI. I like the environment of the academy. It is very friendly and family like. Neeraj Sir trains us with patience. He explains the concept in a very nice manner. I recommend GFFI Fitness  academy to my friends and family.

Thank you GFFI !!!

Prakash Singh  (Personal Training March 2015)


My name is Priyam Mittal. I have joined GFFI Fitness Academy in November for Aerobics training. I started from the basic and 20150405_132217continued to learn the advance techniques of Aerobics. I learnt various aspects of Aerobics training such as music, cueing, group exercises, different step formation etc. Today, I thank my trainers Swati maam and Neeraj Sir for training me and giving me the confidence to handle the group classes.

Priyam Mittal (Aerobics training March 2015)


20150405_132025My experience at GFFI

It is such an amazing institute. Before joining this institute I had never seen any good institute like GFFI This institute gave us lot of confidence to face health challenges. Neeraj sir trained us in very easy manner about human health & fitness. His behavior is very frank with the students as he treats us like family members. Neeraj sir taught us each & every major and minor thing about health & fitness. We have got a lot of new health tips during the course. We got to know about Human Biomechanics, the very first time. I enjoyed the classes and courses of GFFI. I want to do some more courses here and I would recommend GFFI Fitness Academy to all of my friends, who are interested in fitness industry.

Rahul Singh (Personal Training course march 2015)

——————————————————————————————————————————————————————————–20150405_132051I would like to say that Neeraj Sir is the best teacher ever. I have learnt a lot in GFFI, which would not have been possible without the guidance of Neeraj Sir. I got to know the real role of a trainer. I am very proud that I have done this course from GFFI.  Thank you so much Neeraj Sir.

Salman Khan (Personal Training March 2015)



20150405_132148My name is Satpal Chaudhary. I am an international Judo player. I have done my Aerobics certification from GFFI fitness Academy. I really like the teaching methods and the environment of the academy. I got all the knowledge, techniques about Aerobics. GFFI provides international level of training. Neeraj Sir and Swati Maam are very knowledgeable and good hearted. They have really supported me throughout the session. I am very happy being the part of GFFI.

Satpal Chaudhary (Aerobics Training March 2015)


I have learnt a lot about fitness in GFFI fitness academy. The training methods are unique and world class knowledge is delivered in GFFI. Many thanks to Neeraj Sir.

Tanveer Akhtar (Personal Training March 2015)


I20150405_132114 am very happy to say that I have taken right decision to join GFFI. I joined GFFI Academy 3 months ago and I had a very great experience with GFFI and team, especially Neeraj Sir. I have learnt so many new things about fitness and I have understood about the concept of fitness and health. I got to know about GFFI from my friend and he advised me to join GFFI to enhance my skill for fitness. The environment of GFFI is excellent and entire team of GFFI is very helpful. They are always ready to help to solve our problems, personally or professionally. Because of Neeraj sir and GFFI team I have learnt so many new techniques and now I am able to handle senior population client also. I am very thankful to Neeraj sir who has taken interest in training us. God bless u sir !!!.

Love you Neeraj sir and GFFI team…

Vinod Thapa (Personal Trainer batch march 2015)


20150405_132035Experience in GFFI

I joined this course only to get certificate but when I started here I learnt new techniques about fitness every day. At the same time I was practicing all those techniques and training my clients with the same as well, and everybody got results. It is a great opportunity for me to join GFFI and learn BMX exercises, which are safe for joints and good for muscles. I found very family environment here, for me it is not just a center now it’s a family. I will surely enhance myself with GFFI Family and it is my right decision to join the academy. At last thanks to Mr. Neeraj Mehta sir for guiding us and educating us about various new techniques of fitness.

Vishal Chadha (Personal Training Batch March 2015)


20150405_132256My name is Rajnish Arya. I am from Delhi. My experience in GFFI was fantastic. The knowledge given by sir is outstanding. I can actually call myself a good fitness trainer after learning from Neeraj Sir. I really admire the teaching methods , BMXStrength technique is really effective .

Thank you GFFI

Rajnish Arya (Personal Training Batch Sep 2014)


20150405_132133My name is Abhishek and I am from Delhi. My experience was really great with GFFI. I have got the knowledge which I was basically looking for. I have learnt to exercise with BMXStrength technique and I got really effective results. Training with Neeraj Sir was such an amazing experience.

Thank you GFFI

Abhishek (Personal Trainer batch June 2014)


20150405_132100It was a good experience to work with GFFI family and becoming a family member. It was really nice to work with GFFI family. GFFI if mind blowing Academy. My experience is very very good.

Thank you Neeraj Sir

Vikram Singh (Personal Trainer Batch Oct 2014)



I came to know about GFFI Fitness Academy through Internet, While I was searching for some courses opportunity and now I have cleared the examination of personal trainer. I have got advanced knowledge of exercises and human Anatomy, muscles, connective tissues and stuff like that. I would say that I have got the knowledge of theory and practical that a certified trainer must know. I came to know about the correct technique and form of exercises and how to increase our fitness level, how to guide others. So my experience is great to be a part of GFFI Fitness Academy. I wish that I will continue my studies in fitness stream.

Thank you

Ranjit Singh (Personal Trainer Batch June 2014)


GFFI Academy is the best academy to learn any fitness course. Here we have learnt the techniques thoroughly. Advance course of Aerobics includes all the advance forms and steps and certifications are not based on favor. You get certified on the basis of hard work and individual performance. I can write the whole blog to describe GFFI and our teachers Swati Mehta and Neeraj Mehta. Their way of teaching is so easy and perfect. To make it short, I am thankful to Neeraj Sir and Swati Maam and GFFI Team to teach me so well and for making me a professional Aerobics trainer.

Seema Sharma (Aerobics Trainer Batch Oct 2014)


My Experience was great. This is my biggest achievement of my life. I am very lucky to have Sir like Neeraj Mehta. He treated me like his son. Today I am very Happy. GFFI Fitness is the best academy. If anybody want to be a successful and knowledgeable trainer then GFFI course is best course ever. I promise that I will make Neeraj Sir proud.

Hitesh Khanna (Personal Trainer Batch Oct 2014)


I have completed my PT course from GFFI. It was really very knowledgeable experience.  The knowledge and motivation I get from here was outstanding while doing PT course, I have learnt many other techniques. I got overview of BMXCrossfit, Kickboxing. I am really glad that I did this course from here. This academy produce not only certified trainers but also High Quality Skillful trainers. Today, I am happy that I am one of them

Karan Arora (Personal Trainer Batch Oct 2014)


20140511_120213The course was a very good experience. I learnt the BMXStrength technique from Neeraj Sir. I started working out as per BMXStrength movement  and I got rid of my shoulder pain and lower back pain which was troubling me since last 8 years. I am happy and feel good.

Vijay Kumar Kharb (Personal Trainer Batch Feb 2014)


My experience with GFFI Fitness Academy was very good. I am glad that I came here to train and I found this place so that I can be a good personal trainer and I am now able to train other people also. I learnt BMXStrength technique and with this ability I am now able to perform strength training with perfection and I am getting effective results. I have been with this academy from last 6 months. I feel really good about it.

Grate to Neeraj Sir !!!
Shaleen Derek (Personal Trainer Batch Oct 2014)


1511079_586862788120422_6425628680012363823_nMy name is Vinay Shokeen. I own a health club named Power fitness Gym (Near Sec- 20,21 aman vihar road) . I wanted to learn more about body building and exercises so I have joined GFFI in 2014. My experience is very good. As I got knowledge about exercise and correct position during exercise. I got to know my mistakes while working out. I got detailed knowledge about muscles, body structure, Diet and much more. Everyone can clear their doubts about exercise in this academy. Neeraj Sir is the best teacher. He is a very good natured and knowledgeable person. I would suggest all of my friends to do fitness courses from GFFI.

Vinay Shokeen

Personal Training Batch

Oct 2014

918750304214My name is Gaurav Verma, I have joined GFFI in Oct 2014 and I have completed my certification of personal trainer course. After completing course I had a doubt that Will I be able to train people or not but once I started then I realized that I actually gained so much knowledge from GFFI. I even got a placement in a reputed club of DLF Fun Fitness, all because of GFFI and Neeraj Sir. I had an amazing experience with GFFI. I cant really explain how much I am gonna miss the academy

Gaurav Verma, PT batch Oct 2014