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  • The next generation will say a complete ‘No’ to Sodas !

    The next generation will say a complete ‘No’ to Sodas !

    The next generation will say a complete ‘No’ to Sodas !
    (Referred by International Fitness Therapist Neeraj Mehta)

    Sodas have since long dominated the food tables of the Americans and the process of globalization and liberalization, post 90s, aerated drinks became a favorite part of the food habits of the entire world. The indigenous drinks like limewater, mocktailsof the coastal areas, sherbets of the Middle East took a backseat and youth and elders alike became fond of the sweetened black water loaded with compressed gas.
    Awareness took Charge !!!
    As the society evolved and the hangover of the junk food dropped down, while gaining insight on the reasons of increasing health issues, people gained awareness about the ill effects of sodas and their linkage with obesity and heart diseases.
    In 2012, NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg banned all sugar beverages, but the ban was later rejected by the final court, but, the initiative did ignite a debate over soda consumption. Schools and hospitals across the U.S. began banning sugary drinks in cafeterias and vending machines.
    Ill-Effects on children and Teens
    Teenagers and children being the most vulnerable victims of bad food habits happened to consume a lot cola.
    According to the CDC survey, in 2015:
    •20 percent of students reported drinking a sugar-sweetened beverage one or more times per day during the previous week, down from 27 percent in 2013 and 34 percent in 2007.
    •26 percent of teens said they had not consumed any sugary soda at all in the previous seven days, up from 22 percent in 2013 and about 19 percent in 2007.

    Changing Trends
    With the increasing activism on improving food habits and health and widespread increase in spreading Vegetarianism and Values of yoga, aerated drinks seem to have taken a back seat.
    In today’s time where everyone wants to look good and wants to assert on their longevity, people have really become aware of what they are feeding to their bodies. Everyone-males and females alike wants to have slithering toned body and sugary drinks surely are not an answer to that, we see restaurants offering more and more vegan food and fluids that are detoxifying for the body and everyone seems to like.
    Health being a good reason for the consumption of lemonades, green teas and antioxidant rich drinks, another reason that continues to inspire people to give up on Colas, is the variety and diversity of taste that healthy, indigenous drinks offer to our taste buds. Everyone surely enjoys that experience. With the growing need for novelty in our lives, healthy drinks appeal to the masses more than just sweetened black water.

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