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  • Transformation by Neeraj Mehta

    Transformation by Neeraj Mehta

    The real transformation is the combination of hard work in the right direction, dedication and right guidance.

    The story of Sahil Seth, a businessman and model was suffering from asthma from his childhood. With the right bio-mechanics and breathing, he fought this medical challenge and is one of the fittest exerciser around. But because of his determination towards his goel pays off the results. The prefect combination of exercise and right nutritional intake can transform anybody.

    Sahil. who was dedicated and followed BMXStrength ® technique of exercise.
    BMXStrength ® technique of exercise under the guidance of Mr Neeraj Mehta (PhD), Inventor of BMXStrength ® .

    Thanks Sahil for trusting us, your determination and hard work certainly shows.



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