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  • Truth about Supplement (Series)

    Truth about Supplement (Series)

    Truth about Supplement (Series)


    Ribose is a natural simple sugar which is found in the every cell of the body. Ribose is made in the body to give energy to muscles, heart and other tissues, especially after an intense physical activity.  Ribose is the backbone of the ATP (Adenosine Tri phosphate) which is the main energy giver compound in the body. Ribose also structures a segment of RNA (Ribonucleic acid) which is a major information carrier in human body and used as a map for protein synthesis.

     Dietary Source-    vitamin-and-minerals-c-f-s-diet

    • Chicken.
    • Dairy Products.
    • Almonds.


    • Boosts energy level.images
    • Expedite muscle recovery.
    • Improves protein absorption.
    • Preventive cure for congestive heart failure.


    • In the last 25 years various clinical studies has been done on Ribose and result shows that Ribose does have positive effects on body. images (1)
    • According to a study Ribose gives better results in terms of energy as compare to glucose during a high intensity workout.
    • Ribose supplement boost up the process of energy generation in the body hence enhances protein absorption by the muscles and reduce soreness.
    • According to a study published in “The European Journal Of Heart Failure” Ribose supplements improves the heart ability to pump blood to meet body’s diffusive demand.

    Side effects-  

    • If taken in light dosage (5g or less, may vary as per the level of intensity of your activity) then no side effect has been recognizedhigh dos as of now.
    • High dosage may give you nausea, mild lightheadness or diarrhea.
    • Not recommended for pregnant women as not enough studies done on this group.
    • Should not be used as a regular energy booster without having an intensive physical activity routine.




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