GFFI Fitness Academy

As the World’s most popular upcoming fitness educator, GFFI is certifying fitness freaks / trainers in the fields like Personal trainer, Advance Personal Trainer, Sports Nutritionist, Senior Fitness Instructor, Aerobic Trainer, YogaTrainer and Pilates Trainer around the world . Each year more than 4,000 workshops are hosted by health clubs and studios across the nation. GFFI is the one academy providing workshops for fitness professionals and fitness freaks, on every month to update there knowledge.  GFFI is proud to announce that it has been granted affiliate status with the Bureau of Fitness Standards (BFS)

Workshop Schedule of the month 

Register Your self for the workshop via email: ,  or call to 09811309667

or one can see the facebook group:  for the details

Note: The fees deposited for any certification / workshop course work will not be refunded. (this is applicable for both, regular and online course)

Register Your self for the workshop via email: or call to 09811309667, 91-11-45087033


GFFI’S Listing in DOMZ Directory

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FiTOUR – ACE credits, CEC workshops, online certifications.


Gffi Fitness Academy – Yoga course from India top master trainers.

IAFCA – The International Association of Fitness Certifying Agencies is a freely open professional trade association.

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National Council on Strength and Fitness – Personal training certification and continuing education for the fitness professional.

National Dance Exercise Instructors Training Association – NDEITA, workshops in Group Exercise, Personal Training, Pilates, continuing education.

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National Fitness Therapy Association – A non-profit accrediting association for fitness professionals and fitness facilities. (Winter Park, CO)

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